Carpet Project Spotlight: Antioch Lithonia Baptist Church

Carpet Project Spotlight: Antioch Lithonia Baptist Church

Making a Church New Again with Carpet

Antioch Lithonia Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia is one of our most recent customers, and we really enjoyed taking on the project of re-carpeting the majority of the church.

We spoke with Rick, part of the administrative team at the church about their experience working with us. We think their experience will help you make your flooring decisions, so feel free to read and send us any questions you may have.

Why Would a Church Replace its Carpet?

“We needed new carpet. The carpet we’d had was getting old, some spots were stained, corners were a bit torn up. It was just time to spruce up the place, and new carpet, we thought, would be a great way to do that.”

How to Pick Out the Right Carpet

“Well, we knew we wanted carpet, so we didn’t really need to talk through different types of flooring, but we didn’t really know what to ask or what we needed.”

That’s where our team was able to help Rick and the other church leaders make the right carpet purchasing decision. Since we offer the most durable and affordable carpet choices in the metro-Atlanta area we were able to show them a variety of samples and explain what would work best. The decision to go with a quality carpet that would withstand the weekly high foot traffic in the church’s main area was ultimately what we went with.

Knowing What Carpet Will Work Best For You

“Well, the salesperson was incredibly knowledgeable. His name is Ken. Ken asked me lots of questions to figure out exactly what I need, he was even bringing up potential issues and ideas that we didn’t even know existed. He was really essential in pointing us to what we needed. Something that could handle wear and tear.”

Choosing the Right Carpet Installer

“After feeling like you all really knew what you were talking about, and seeing your attention to detail when it came to going through the process and the contract, we decided to go with you.

We were able to come to a good understanding and budget, so ultimately you all were the best choice for us.”

Installing New Carpet at the Church

“The process took a few weeks. Initially, I was worried about the process because removing all pews and returning them to the same spot was really important for the church staff and members. Some of the pews are dedicated to certain people, and it’s expected that they would be exactly where they were before.”

The Results of Installing New Carpet

“We love it! We’ve had members comment on how beautiful the new carpets are, and we’ve even had guest pastors from other churches ask who we got to do the work.”

Church Remodeling Projects are Our Specialty

Antioch-Lithonia Missionary Baptist church recently celebrated their 150th anniversary! We are so glad to have been a small part of revamping a historic place in the area. If you’re around, go check out their new carpet!

Do you have a large flooring project you need a team to take on? We’re ready for the challenge! Stop by our showroom conveniently located off of I-85 in Norcross or give us a call and we’ll come out to you with samples. We are church remodeling specialist.