3 Reasons you should replace your home flooring

3 Reasons you should replace your home flooring

It doesn't take long for some of us to get used to our homes. Sometimes, even rearranging furniture doesn't satisfy the desire we have for a new living space. To truly upgrade the way you navigate throughout your home, consider the feature your feet contact the most: the floor. Here are three great reasons to contact a flooring company this season for an upgrade.

You've never remodeled your home

Home remodeling projects can do wonders for our mental health, life satisfaction, and home relationships. By changing your floors, you can completely change the way you move, and that can feel empowering. If you've just started a family, that can also be a wake-up call to make your home child- and pet-safe. According to Dumpsters.com, 18% of flooring installations are to accommodate these new additions to the family and another 12% sought to increase the value of their homes.

Your current situation is unsafe

For those of us living in or moving into fixer-uppers or homes we intend to flip, we may encounter floors that have been long neglected. Torn or frayed carpet, loose floorboards, and damaged and faded flooring can be an immediate eyesore to all who enter, not to mention a hazard for anyone walking through. A space that feels more open will have fewer spots like this that draw your visual attention and create stress. Cleaner homes in general also bring about a sense of ease. Fortunately for you, our hardwood and vinyl flooring options are incredibly easy to keep clean and maintain.

You're getting ready to sell

To fetch a higher price for your home, it may not be a bad idea to complete a small renovation, such as your floors, before selling. Any structure that makes the home feel new and fresh has a great chance of desirability to potential buyers. Our flooring company can provide you with a free estimate to help you budget how much more to ask for your home. New floors will show no signs of damage or fading or trigger allergies in potential buyers. By opening windows so a breeze can blow onto clean floors, you've already created a desirable home for many prospective buyers.

For more information about our flooring materials and services, contact us today. No matter the reason you're upgrading, we work with your satisfaction in mind.